New book contract: Mapping and Measuring Deliberation

Excellent news this week from Oxford University Press: André Bächtiger and I have won a contract for a new book called Mapping and Measuring Deliberation. It will be an attempt to synthesise the empirical knowledge we have about what deliberation is, where it can be found, how it works, and what its effects are in both small-scale settings and society-wide debate; in both face-to-face modes and in more mediated – online, even – modes. It will then identify what we think are significant gaps in that knowledge, and propose new methods for closing those gaps. The methods will include controlled experiments and online, web-crawler tools.

Work is just beginning so we expect the manuscript to be a couple of years off yet, but hope to have something ready for publication in 2014.

A slightly more detailed outline is available on André’s website, here, while a PDF of the proposal that was accepted by Oxford is available on my research page, here.






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