Five tenure-track positions at Maastricht!

Job alert folks. We’ve got FIVE tenure track assistant professor posts in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Maastricht. They’re reasonably broad, but we’re looking for people in:

  • Social & Political Philosophy
  • EU Politics and Policy
  • Cyber-security and Politics
  • Cultural History
  • and International Relations, especially EU-IR, China, globlal governance and security.

I am on the selection panel for the Philosophy post so know more about that one. The key is that philosophy is understood broadly here to cover what in the Anglosphere we would call social theory or political theory, applied ethics and conceptual analysis, as well as more historical and analytical concerns. Getting stuck into empirics is embraced, not sneered at.

Details of all the posts and contacts are here:

Please alert anyone you think might be suitable, but we’re especially keen to appoint women. If you have any bright junior colleagues suffering from imposter syndrome, please try to cure them of it and encourage them to apply.

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