I have taught across a very broad range of topics in policy, politics and political theory, from leading the large Introduction to Politics first year courses, to specialist courses in democratic theory, and theories and traditions in public policy.  At Maastricht I will be working on several courses including, to start with, ‘Europe: a critical reflection’.

PhD students

I currently supervise:

  • Ronald van Crombrugge at KU Leuven, whose PhD research is on regulating referendums for deliberative ends.

I have also supervised or advised numerous other students including:

If you are thinking of doing a research degree, have a look at my Research page, download some papers, and have a think about linkages between my work and yours. If you are still keen, or have any questions, do please get in touch to discuss. I am always keen to hear from prospective research students.

Contact me

Professor John Parkinson
Department of Philosophy, Maastricht University
P O Box 616 | 6200 MD Maastricht | The Netherlands

jrp [at] johnrparkinson.net

Budapest statue park


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