My main teaching responsibility at Griffith is a second year undergraduate course called Political Leadership. It looks at leadership rather than just leaders – a crucial distinction!

I also contribute lectures to several other courses including Comparative European Politics, and research methods for research students. Over the years I have taught courses in public policy theory and policy analysis, democratic theory and practice, and – one of my favourites – big, first year, introductions to political studies.

PhD students

I currently supervise:

  • Bahadir Celiktemur, looking at how people with communication disabilities can be included in deliberative democracy (at Warwick, commenced 2012)

I have also supervised or advised numerous other students including:

If you are thinking of doing a research degree, have a look at my Research page, download some papers, and have a think about linkages between my work and yours. If you are still keen, or have any questions, do please get in touch to discuss. I am always keen to hear from prospective research students.

Contact me

Professor John Parkinson
Centre for Governance and Public Policy
Glyn Davis Building (N72)
Griffith University
170 Kessels Road
Nathan, QLD 4111

john.parkinson [at] griffith.edu.au
john [at] johnrparkinson.net

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