Closed: Research Assistant Job

I’m hiring a research assistant (or possibly two) to work on my ARC-funded research project, Sparking a National Conversation.

The research assistant might contribute in a number of different ways to the project, but the right person might have one, two or all of these skill sets:

  • e-social science or big data skills
  • qualitative and interpretive skills
  • experience with research in indigenous Australian politics
  • an ability to grasp normative political theory and its empirical applications.

While I’m working with deliberative democratic frameworks, experience with that is not essential. What is essential is a completed or near-completed PhD in a related discipline – the post is going to demand a fair amount of autonomy and independent academic judgement, which may include co-authoring papers and help with a book manuscript.

Full details are available here – please feel free to share this widely.

UPDATE: Applications for this position closed on 5 August. Many thanks to all who shared this and all who expressed an interest.


One thought on “Closed: Research Assistant Job

  1. Hi John
    Hope you find someone inspirational – when you have happy to talk them through the lessons from our national conversations if it is helpful.


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